About Us

The highest quality diamonds, the finest selection, the advance skills… We are a diamond jewelry company with a technology essence.

About Indian Gems Inc

Indian Gems Inc. is a team of professional diamond dealers and jewelers establishing benchmarks with 46 years of experience for product quality, precision, and variety. We help customers to find out the product they have visualized in their minds.

We had modest beginnings when we had opened up in 1994 in the New York diamond district but we grew rapidly with serving and satisfying customers with our range of quality products and service and doing justice to our aim which has always been to make our customers happy and delighted.

We have the highest quality of craftsmanship and innovation, that brings you modern, everyday designs of the range of jewelry from engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, we have got it all for you. Whether it’s a gift or a treat to yourself, we never fail to impress you and leave you astonished with our unique designs. We also curate designs and personalize them according to your style and budget.

It’s this commitment to excel and to deliver both quantity and quality which has helped us to reach this point and continue our family business with the same pride.