About Indian Gems Inc.

Our product comes in variety with gold in 14K and 18K set with different quality diamonds. we are a team of professional diamond dealers and jewelers who are dedicated to helping customers finding what they want. “Quality isn’t expensive. It’s priceless”. So take advantage of our 46 years of experience to fulfill your needs.

Opened up in 1994 in New York diamond district, serving and satisfying customers since then. Our aim is to make sure that our customers are happy and delighted with our product and service. And It is also a family business.

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Diamond Jewlery

We carry unique and variety of Engagement rings and wedding bands. We offer all different quality of diamonds to fit into your customer’s budget. If you can’t find wedding band for an engagement ring, we design it for you.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are eminent with huge popularity today among people. The boundless beauty of customize engagement rings and its reflection as an flawless gift is the only reason why people are going for engagement rings rather than other rings.

Jewelry Repair

Indian Gems Inc is fully involved with onsite jewelry repairing where jewelry experts repair, reset and resize any of the jewelry. Polishing, cleaning services are available with very less waiting weeks. Your one stoppage at Indian Gems Inc, enjoying at the lounge is the time which will shine and resize your jewelry.

Diamond Shapes

The human contribution to a diamond’s beauty is a well-executed cut.


The round brilliant is all-time beloved and popular with a classic shape.


Edgy, but a perfect cut for trendy girls with edge and intense spark.


The pillow cut is becoming very popular, but now as brilliant as other cuts.


- The vintage cut, with multi-faceted brilliant cuts, known for sparkle & luster.


The cut with cropped corners, exhibits fierce sparkle.


The square-shaped cut is an updated version of emerald and with more sparkles.


The cut appears to be the largest of all with football-shaped seems to be a little longer.


The cut presents itself best when set as a solitaire.


The unique and beautiful cut which is a cross between Marquise and round shape.


The cut is in the same pattern as the round one but looks larger than the round one.

Edification & Designing

Diamond Education

IGI Diamond Education page guide will let you buy the perfect gemstone for your ring and other jewelry. Customers who are new to diamond shopping must go through to it. Here you will learn about diamond shapes and four C’s.

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Jewelry Education

Diamond jewelry is arguably one of the most important purchases done during lifetime. It is important to be educated in all the facets of diamond jewelry prior to the creation of your designer pieces which is going to be exceptionally excellent.

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